East Division 1 - Zikovitz

Gary Zikovitz (C )

Norman Maddeaux ( CC )

Wayne Caswell

Rishat Saniakhmetov

Peter Kostin

Jim Kostin (sub)

Ron Li (sub)


Susan Hobson-Irvine

Suzanna Ziegler

Abbie Gagne

Diane Howarth

Cindy McClean Leone (sub)

East Division 2 - Zitney 

Peter Zitney (C )

Franz Torok,

Romesh Athaide,

Trevor Bethell,

Rudy Tyono,

Rusty Ismail,

Ross Claybo,

Robin Mason,

Carole Holt,

Jette Cott,

Anne Thomson,

Doreen Bulled,

Amy Louzon,

Sheila Zitney,           

SUB: Shelagh Chambers

"I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all, I love to play". Boris Becker

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