The Richmond Hill Tennis Association (RHTA)

The Club supports the RHTA and its mandate to grow the game of tennis in Richmond Hill. We think it is critical that the Club get behind the association in order to support the development of tennis in Richmond Hill. Although the Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club is the only not-for-profit community tennis club operating in Richmond Hill, we do realize there are other stakeholder, residents and for-profit clubs. 

The Town of Richmond Hill is funding a "Tennis Strategy" to help plan for current and future tennis needs and meet the expectations of the growing community in Richmond Hill. Our club met with the consultant and had the opportunity to discuss tennis but most of the questions centred on how we run the club and not our vision for how tennis should evolve in Richmond Hill. In fact, the question was never asked of us. So we really have no idea what to expect from the report.

 Why the RHTA?

We must ensure that tennis in RH has one voice and one governing body in order to ensure the interest of all stakeholders are represented. The RHTA is the voice of tennis in Richmond Hill and it invited all "residents" to join the association. It is dedicated and committed to working with all stakeholders for the promotion of the game, to recommend court standards and upgrades, access to public courts, leagues and lessons including resolution of issues between clubs, residents and other stakeholders. 

A distinction needs to be made between "not-for-profit" association/clubs and for-profit businesses using public courts. The primary goal of the RHTA is to deliver affordable and accessible tennis for the residents of Richmond Hill. The creation of a junior tennis house league program and free introductory lesson for kids age 5-10. 

The RHTA has developed a self-funding model that will resonate with all stakeholders. A new model of partnership between sports associations and the Town. With one voice representing the tennis playing community, the RHTA will membership will be restricted to residents, the stakeholders and primary users of public courts in Richmond Hill.

The time has arrived for a new way of developing the game of tennis and we look forward to working with the Town as they move forward with the "Tennis Strategy".  Joining and supporting the RHTA is the first step. Visit the RHTA website and sign-up. 

 Mike Bowcott, President




"I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all, I love to play". Boris Becker

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