2018 Mixed Inter County Practice Schedule 
Sunday Mornings


In order to accommodate all IC teams, we have set out some helpful guidelines to assist you in running an effective practice.

1. Captains or designates should attend practice to coordinate their players. They or their designate must check in with the monitor on duty and they will be assigned to courts.

2. Players must show up on time ready to play. If your practice time is from 8:30 - 10:30 AM, you should advise your players to show up a 8:30 AM otherwise, if this is not coordinated, we will get an influx of players strolling in at 9:00 - 9:30 AM who will be expecting to play at the same time. This will obviously be an issue.

3. The purpose of practice time is to practice. Captains should coordinate their lines in advance if possible. However, we encourage you to work with other captains to arrange matches based on player availability. This will provide your players with an opportunity to play against players of similar or higher skill levels.

4. You are only permitted play one set thereafter all players must rotate off and wait for the next available courts. Captains or designates will then coordinate the next match with the monitor who will then assign the court.

5. You must be a mixed intercounty player to participate in the mixed intercounty practice. No exceptions.

6. It appears as though most players prefer the later time slots, practice times will be rotated. However, if you would like to switch times with another team, please contact the club manager (me).

7. Juniors - if you have juniors on your team, you should be inviting them out to practice. Match them up with players who can also teach them the finer points of doubles play. Juniors tend to focus on singles play and we should be working with them to improve their doubles game. Remember, junior are not accustomed to playing with adults and may feel somewhat intimidated during matches. Be sensitive to their needs and encourage them at all times. {Juniors are locked into teams and can only be called up with the permission of the club captain who will speak with the current captain. Although we want our juniors to be challenged, we must recognize that some team are in need of ladies and losing one junior girl could be detrimental. }

As noted above, you are to play one set and then rotate off. If everyone follows this this one simple rule, courts will free up quickly. Subbing in and off one or two players is not acceptable when other players are waiting unless it is approved by the monitor.

Intercounty procedures and guidelines

1. All balls from IC matches must be returned to the monitor after the matches. Captains are responsible for collecting and returning the balls after completion of the match. We will recycle the IC balls for Sunday practice (monitors will be in charge of this).

2. Home game rainouts and make-up matches for mixed intercounty are to played on Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. You must book your re-match dates and times with the club manager, Mark Foon. Mark will book the courts and post it on the online club calendar so members will know courts are not available. Book your re-matches as soon as possible. First come, first served as we can only accommodate 2, possibly 3 courts. Captains can also ask opponents to use their courts if we get backed up. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RE-MATCHES TO CHANCE - BOOK NOW.

3. Ladies and over 55 rainouts can be booked during the weekday's.

If we follow the above guidelines and adhere to the rules provided, it will make your teams practice more productive and enjoyable as well as addressing concerns from all teams. Guidelines for match rebooking should be followed to avoid any disappointment.

Help Yourselves by using the Club Monitors

  1. Ensure that you work with the club monitor to help organize the practice matches accordingly (outline every line and configuration you need and the monitor will assist to get this done in your absence or while you are playing your match)
  2. Inform your players to not use other time slots that are already pre-assigned to other teams unless you have worked out the details with other IC team captains
  3. If you would like to use a later practice time slot for your team, work with the IC captain(s) for which you would like to swap the practice session to / from and email the monitor on duty to avoid any confusion amongst other teams

I would like to remind you to instruct your players to return IC match balls back to the RHLTC monitor after the match is completed. We will recycle them for the IC practice sessions. Monitors will provide each IC captain with practice balls for the IC practice sessions.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Mark Foon

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