Tag Board Rules

All members must comply with the direction of the monitor. If the monitor requests that you leave vacate the court, you must do so immediately. Failure to comply will result in escalating the matter to the disciplinary committee and may result in suspension/termination of membership.

1.    All members must comply with the direction of the monitor. If asked to vacate the court by the monitor, you must do so immediately. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action including suspension/termination of membership.

2.    Use of the tag board is mandatory during member hours. The tag board must have the same number of tags as players on the court. Your tag is proof of membership; you must have the same number of tags on the board as players on the court. If not, all players, including those who tagged the board must vacate the court when requested by members who have properly tagged the board.

3.    When courts are busy and a monitor/program director is on duty, they have control and direction over court usage and play may be restricted. Time is based on the clubhouse clock that overlooks the courts.

4.    Courts are booked on a first come / first to play basis. You must have at least two tags on the board with both members present to hold/use the court.

5.    You cannot tag a court and then leave and return. You cannot tag a court using another player's tag that is not present at the Club. You and your playing partners must be present at the club when your tag/s is placed on the board.

6.    Consecutive bookings of courts are not permitted unless member courts are vacant.

7.    Members must ensure that playing partners are using valid tags and all tags are on the tag board.

8.    Player tags can only be removed by the owner or the court monitor.

9.    If two players are playing singles and all courts are in use, you and your partner can tag the court and join them. If you choose not to join them, place your tag on the next available court. You cannot join up with them if there is less than 15 minutes before the next change over.

10. If you see 4 players on the court, you must see 4 tags on the tag board. If not, you can assume someone is not a member, tag the court and assume the court.  

11. You can ONLY place your tag on the board for the current hour you are on the court. You cannot assume the court and place you tag on the next hour slot. You will lose that slot if requested by an waiting player/s.

12. Players who have just completed their hour of play are all required to leave the court. If you wish to continue play, you must re-tag an open court or the next available court. You cannot under any circumstances move your tags to another court while you are already on a court.  

13. Public courts rotate after each 1/2 hour of play. The public have priority usage during public hours. Under no circumstances can you tag courts 5 & 6 during designated public hours.

14.  Invalid tags - any tag without a current year sticker affixed to the approved RHLTC tag is invalid. Using another members tag or a blank tag is considered to be using an invalid tag.

15. Improper use of the tag board system or using an invalid tag may result in suspension of membership. Using another member's tag will result in an automatic suspension of membership.


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