Kids Tennis Lessons

Red Ball Program (Ages 4-6)

Red ball classes are for children ages 7 and below. The children will play on a smaller court (doubles line to doubles line) with shorter racquets and softer balls. This program will focus on teaching the players to cooperate in pairs and small groups which will help set the foundation for developing the rally skills necessary to excel in tennis at a later age. Children will also learn basic technical skills such as groundstrokes, volleys and serves.

Orange Ball Program (Ages 7-9)

Orange Ball Classes are for children between the ages of 8-10. The children will play on a court roughly 75% the size of a regular tennis court and use modified racquets and balls. This program will build on the rally skills developed in the Red Ball Program while transitioning the children to a larger court. There will be a larger focus on technical development such as the introduction of spin to all strokes.

Green Ball Program (Ages 10-12)

The Green Ball Class is the final stage of the Progressive Tennis Program. Children play on the full sized tennis court but use modified balls that have 85 – 90% the compression of regular tennis balls. This means that the balls are a little less lively than regular tennis balls. The focus of this program is to solidify the technique and tactics developed in the Red and Orange Ball Programs and prepare the children to transition to full court tennis.

Junior Rec Program (Ages 13-17)

Junior Recreation Program (Ages 13-17)- Beginner and Advanced Beginner: This class is designed for children interested in learning the basics of tennis. They will develop stroke production, footwork and Learn to rally and play points will be emphasized in a fun group lesson. Players will also learn basic tennis tactics for singles and doubles.

Tennis Lessons

Questions about our tennis lessons? You can reach us by email or telephone.

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